exTRICATe PROJECT – Who are we?

The initiative  exTRICATe PROJECT “Building Iberian conservation networks and the global Red List assessment of the regionally vulnerable lichen Lethariella intricata“, will be carried out by these entities:

Scientific coordination  carried out by IRBio UB , entities involved Universitat de València – Facultat de BiologiaForestal Catalana – Generalitat de Catalunya , Applied-Lichenology, and the collaboration of Spanish Lichen Society.

The project coordinator is Dr. Antoni Gómez-BoleaProfessor in the Department of Evolutionary Biology, Ecology and Environmental Sciences, in the Department of Botany and Mycology at IRBio UB. His areas of research are the taxonomy and ecology of lichens, as well as their application as bioindicators. Specialist in biofilms that colonize monuments, both from the perspective of biodeterioration and bioprotection.

Dr. Artur Lluent Vallet, botanist who works as a plant conservation technician, first in Forestal Catalana – Generalitat de Catalunya, and currently in the Climate Action Department of the Generalitat de CatalunyaTheir work consists mainly in the mapping of threatened flora, the training of other technicians as well as Rural Agents, in the knowledge of threatened flora and its managementHe participates in the scientific committees and organizer of the Flora Conservation Days of Catalonia.

Dr. Isaac Garrido Benavent, professor at the Faculty of Biological Sciences of UV. His research encompasses different approaches to the diversity, taxonomy, phylogeny and phylogeography of lichens and fungi. He collaborates with various national (UV, MNCN-CSIC, RJB-CSIC) and international research groups. Reviewer for numerous scientific journals, editor of the Bulletin of the Valencian Mycological Society. Reviewer of scientific projects for the Spanish Research Agency (AEI).

Eng. María José Chesa, Agronomist Engineer works in innovation applied to the urban environment, as well as in knowledge transfer activities University/Research Centers – Municipalities/International Projects, in the areas of water and biodiversity. Promotes lichen projects: Vertilíquens, Applied Lichenology  and participates in  Lichens of Barcelona.

The objective is enrich the knowledge of Lethariella intricata (Moris) Krog, included in the Catalan Lichen Red List, in order to broaden knowledge about the distribution of the species in order to improve conservation strategies.

The project will have a IUCN – SSC Species Survival Comission funding,  within the  Lichen Specialist Group