exTRICATe PROJECT visita Carbellino a Zamora

On the weekend of Sant Jordi in 2022 the exTRICATe team visited the town of Carbellino, in Zamora. This great contribution to the project has been possible thanks to the collaboration of the naturalitst of the place Juan José Ramos, that through his blog Liquenfreak and its publication in the platform Biodiversidad Virtual we could know the location of the species in the municipality of Carbellino.

Juan José Ramos accompanies us on field visits.

Dr. Antonio Gómez-Bolea, project director exTRICATe, observing and performing the counts of Lethariella intricata talli.

Dr. Artur Lluent observes and characterizes the populations of Lethariella intricata and studies the accompanying species.

The ecology where thalli are found is granitic rocks oriented to the North and North-West. We did not find any talo on tree trunks or branches.

The accompanying species are Cladonia humilis (With.) J.R. Laundon; Lasallia pustulata (L.) Mérat and Lasallia hispanica (Frey) Sancho & Crespo.

Lasallia hispanica (Frey) Sancho & Crespo.


Cladonia humilis (With.) J.R. Laundon

We return to Barcelona very happy with this visit to Zamora. Very grateful for all the collaboration of Juan José Ramos.